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FIHRM 2018

Building, conserving, stewarding, and exhibiting a collection has forever held enormous power towards the education of current and future generations. In the current climate of contested realities, where objects are questioned, the multiplicity of perspectives is extremely diverse and contradictory, where news and information is subject to personalization, and media literacy is ever more important, the role of contemporary collecting is under great scrutiny.


Equally, museum collection efforts have never held more potential to promote human rights, equality, provoke empathy, and facilitate meaningful dialogue. International Museums Day 2017 proposes that museums are considered “an important means of cultural exchange, enrichment of cultures, and development of mutual understanding, cooperation and peace among people.” This asserted role sees museums leveraging their soft power to effect social, political, and environmental change.


How can contemporary collecting and museum collections promote human rights for all? How is difficult material collected? Under what context? How are these contemporary collections exhibited so as to encourage reflection, dialogue, and understanding?


FIHRM 2018 will endeavor to explore the increasingly dynamic and role that museum collections can play in not only preserving the present and the past for future generations, but in leveraging their soft power to promote democracy, human rights, and effect global change.

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