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During this year’s conference, we will consider the following themes:

  • Democracy of collecting and collections
  • Documenting activism
  • Museums in dialogue with the social and political contemporary scene
  • Material and immaterial factors
  • Changing significance of heritage in changing societies
  • Linking past and present in collections and collecting
  • Re-interpretation of collections and the issues that come with it

Through the agenda of the conference, we will collectively contemplate:

  • How museums challenge traditional thinking of collecting and collections in order to tell difficult and contested stories.
  • How museums use conflicting emotions around shared heritage.
  • How museums encourage dialogue with different communities using their collections.
  • How collections and collecting methods actively promote Human Rights and/or address Human Rights issues.
Paper PresentationPanelLightning Talk and Demo

Paper Presentation

This format reflects a single subject presentation. It is typically presented by one person but can accommodate presenters (max 2) who have co-authored a paper. The entire duration of the session is devoted to the delivery of the paper’s subject. Presenters are encouraged to present the topics of their papers, yet to do so taking advantage of the format of a presentation and not read their papers to the audience. This session type is applied to in-depth exploration subjects and can range from theoretical to use cases.


This format reflects shorter presentations and facilitated discussion of like subjects. Panels must have a moderator and be composed of between 3 and 4 panelists. The moderator can be one of the panelists. It is expected that a panel will be composed of an overarching theme with individual cases that compliment one another and execute the theme of the panel. The moderator should ensure the panel moves along to schedule and offers opportunity for each panelist to both deliver their position and respond to one another. This session type provides a high-level exploration of subjects, typically including real examples from various institutions/organizations.

Lightning Talk and Demo

This is a special session that will take place at a specific session placement in the program. The Lightning Talk and Demo requires 5 presentations where each presenter has 5 minutes to deliver their concept. After the 5 speakers have delivered their talk, they will move to round tables within the session space and delegates will spend the rest of the session moving from table to table at their leisure interacting in unscripted dialogue with the table presenters. This session type provides a high level of interactivity between presenter and audience and often includes field-tested, living use cases and examples.

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